Juke Blog

This is at Jimbo Mathus’s Delta Recording Studio. They said, “Hey you want to make a record?” When? “Now.” So we did.

This is Jayme – he is part monkey.

Breezy rocks the washboard beneath a photo of Charley Patton.

Here we are playing at Sarah’s Kitchen, one of the last real Delta Jukes.

We invited Mr. Tater the Music Maker on stage with us. He plays some of the most wild Hill Country Boogie I have ever heard.

This is me with Paul “Wine” Jones. There is a funny story here. He rocked Red’s on Friday night.

Here we are on the Delta Ave. Stage.

This is at Sarah’s Kitchen we invited Mr. Tater the Music Maker on stage, and also this sax player that showed up.

Me and Mr. Tater

This is the great Robert Belfour. He watched our whole set, and then he and I hung out all day long. He shared with me his “secret” tuning, and he gave me a copy of his new CD. He told me about Europe, picking cotton, living in Memphis, everything. It was awesome. He said, “They would really eat your slide guitar up over in Europe – You should go.” He had just got back. He also lamented having to play with some drummer. He looked over at Jayme, and he said, “He could play drums for me.” The whole thing was awesome.

Then when he played – Jessie Mae Hemphill and Sam Carr showed up. It was amazing.


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