There ain’t no drawn out electric solos here. No broke down jukebox covers and no worn-out wayfarer sunglasses. There ain’t no formal bass and there sure as hell wont be any Stevie. No, that just ain’t gonna work around here. But there will be the chatter of a well-worn washboard. And a 30s era dobro slidin and cuttin on through the night. Now and again there’ll be the sweet sound of a gorgeous old Gibson dancing its way through a little finger-style tune. And that beat. Oh that beat! Now there will most certainly be a beat. There’ll be a beat so infectious it’ll cut right through to your soul and leave you wondering what hit you for days. Yes, youre fixin’ to hear some of the most authentic roots blues this side of 1929 from none other than The Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band.

-Written by “Big” Alec Brinegar Formerly the editor of some newspapers in Ohio – Now a big time ad guy in NYC.


“Rousing, hyper, and authentic brand of blues that sounds like what might come out of that secret meth lab nestled deep in the backwaters of the Mississippi Delta.” – Mike Breen, Cincinnati City Beat

“They made a woman who was wheel chair bound for 20 years get up and dance.” – Kara Luger, Colorado Springs Independent.

“Gifted at guitar/dobro, writing and singing, the Reverend Peyton is a triple threat.” –Tim Richards, Blues News International.

“They sound like Robert Johnson on crack… they get one hell of a sound.” – Steve Hammer, Nuvo Newsweekly, Indianapolis, IN.


The Pork N’ Beans Collection
The basement demo that started it all
Buy Now – Click Here

The Pork N’ Beans Collection
Buy Now – Click Here

THE REVEREND PEYTON’S BIG DAMN BAND actually isn’t that big. It’s kinda like your husky pal everyone calls “Tiny.” The young, modest three-piece from Indianapolis makes up for its size deficiency with a high-energy sound steeped in classic Blues tradition. With just acoustic guitar, the occasional dobro, a minimal drum kit and the always reliable washboard, the trio concocts a rousing, hyper and authentic brand of Blues that sounds like what might come out of that secret meth lab nestled deep in the backwaters of the Mississippi delta. But the pumping adrenaline doesn’t take anything away from the trio’s virtuosic grasp on the genre. The Rev. Peyton has a stirring voice dripping with the hallowed, life-worn distinctiveness of the masters, while brother Jayme Peyton (drums) and The Rev’s wife, “Washboard” Breezy, stir up a tornadic rhythmic whirl (the Rev’s acoustic guitar work is as equally frenetic and skilled). See, size doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to from-the-soul, gutbucket Blues music. – MIKE BREEN, Cincinnati CityBeat. Read More.




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